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Healthcare / Medical Practice HR Outsourcing

Outsourcing one or more of a medical practice or a healthcare provider's HR functions can provide several benefits to healthcare providers. Three chief advantages are access to enhanced expertise, greater efficiencies, and support for strategic positioning.

San Francisco Human Resources provides specific HR functions for Outsourcing:

    • Payroll 
    • Time and Attendance 
    • Total Compensation Statements 
    • Benefits Enrollment 
    • Benefits Administration 
    • Flexible Health Spending Accounts 
    • Reference Checks 
    • Employee Assistance 
    • Compensation Surveys 
    • Employee Engagement Surveys 
    • Recruiting

HR Outsourcing: By the Numbers
According to the PwC study “The Hidden Reality of Payroll and HR Administration Costs,” January 2014: 
  • Organizations managing payroll, workforce administration, time and attendance, and health and welfare benefits in-house using premise-based or hosted software solutions spend on average 18 percent more administering these functions than organizations that outsource these functions.
  • Organizations outsourcing multiple functions to a single vendor see even stronger cost efficiency—on average 32 percent—versus organizations using a multiple vendor or “best-of-breed” in-house approach.