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Training & Development

SFHR offers an array of management and human resources training services and works with talented trainers to custom design programs tailored to your specific audience. We have provided customized training for public entities and private corporations in the non-profit, educational, biotechnology, semi-conductor, clean energy, mortgage banking, and legal industries.


Learn how to onboard new employees in a welcoming and encouraging way. Find out how to promote from within with our innovative leadership development programs. In other words, transform your employees into your dream team.

Conduct on going HR workshops and training sessions


Sourcing, Recruiting & Hiring a World Class Team

Employee Onboarding

Importance of Leadership

Staying Compliant with the Confusing Laws, Rules, and HR Regulations

Understanding Your Payroll & Benefits Processes

Anti-Harassment & Non-Discrimination

Performance Management/Termination

Customized Training Workshops

Conducting Effective Workplace Investigations

Customized Workshops and Training Sessions


Importance of Leadership

    • Defining Leadership- what it means to be a great leader and how it impacts your overall performance
    • Coaching through effective communication
    • Inspiring your team and how to keep your team engaged and motivated
    • Developing your people and how to provide productive, on-going performance feedback
    • Holding people accountable and handling conflict
    • Managing vs. Leading
    • Legal Issues Of Supervision, Hiring And Recruiting


Performance Management & Termination

    • What is Performance Management
    • Goals of Performance Management
    • Termination
    • Understanding the Expectations
    • Performance Reviews / Appraisals / Evaluations
    • Training & Coaching
    • Reward & Recognition
    • Improvement Plans
    • Corrective Action/Discipline


Keeping Up with Laws, Rules & Regulations

    • Making sure your organization is compliant (required posters, notices, etc.)
    • Foreign workers, immigration, and employment eligibility
    • FLSA – Equal Pay Act, overtime, minimum wage
    • FMLA, USERRA, & Leaves of Absences
    • ADA
    • COBRA
    • OSHA/Workplace Safety
    • Discrimination
    • Privacy Laws
    • Workers Compensation
    • Affordable Care Act


Anti-Harassment & Non-Discrimination

    • Understanding legal and policy requirements
    • Sexual Harassment: Education, Awareness, Prevention (AB 1825 Training)
    • Recognizing what constitutes harassment/discrimination & how it affects the company
    • Handling complaints effectively
    • Preventing harassment /discrimination and ensuring your team works in a productive and comfortable work environment